• Rodin 'in-conversation'

    Twelve exhibitions presented by Akim Monet, and three landmark institutional exhibitions showing Rodin 'in-conversation' with other masters

    Rodin has had, and continues to have a deep and lasting influence on Modern and Contemporary art. Whether for German and Austrian Expressionism, for mid-20th Century masters, or for contemporary practitioners, Auguste Rodin has opened the doors to significant developments, formal and intellectual. My very successful partnership with the Musée Rodin revolves around the re-contextualization of Rodin within modern and contemporary art. In addition to including Rodin in several of my group shows, I have dedicated several exhibitions to the specific relationship between Rodin and artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. These exhibitions addressed, within a wider context, the influence of Rodin on modern and contemporary art and the continued relevance of his work through time, and the enduring inspiration he fosters in the oeuvre of several contemporary artists as different as Tracey Emin and Thomas Houseago, to mention only two. As a follow-up to the exhibitions curated "in-house" I have added links to three landmark institutional exhibitions that presented Rodin 'in-conversation' with other masters.


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    Wings of Desire

    2021 - Popcorn Gallery Akim Monet Fine Arts, Los Angeles

    Three lesser-known sculptures by Auguste Rodin are the central focus of this exhibition, and it features work on the theme of the allegorical wing in a time when we are searching for a path to resumption, seeking an angel to guide us into an era of peace and unity.

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    Disruptive Selection

    2019 - Popcorn Gallery Akim Monet Fine Arts, Los Angeles

    Beginning with modern masters Eugène Delacroix and Auguste Rodin, Disruptive Selection features thought-provoking works which function as individual doors to a greater understanding of the human psyche.

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    2018 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    The four themes in this exhibition addressed some of the most important human endeavours that for the first time in our history give us the power to determine the future of our species

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    2017 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    Francisco de Goya & Auguste Rodin

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    2017 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    Large photographs by Akim Monet in conversation with bronze sculptures from the Musée Rodin

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    2016 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    Jonathan Borofsky, Louise Bourgeois, Ross Bleckner, Tracey Emin, John Martin, George Grosz, Auguste Rodin, and Chicano Prisoners

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    2016 - Musée Rodin at Artgenève, Geneva

    Works by Auguste Rodin, Louise Bourgeois, George Grosz, Henri Matisse, and a figure from Classical Antiquity

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    2015 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    Auguste Rodin in conversation with Joseph Beuys, and chosen quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke

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    2015 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    In addition to the intrinsic beauty of these pieces, their interest resides in the fact that they are often the starting point, or an important component, in the development of a major work.


    2015 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    Auguste Rodin in-conversation with Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Max Kaus, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Müller, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

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    2015 - Buchheim Museum der Phantasie,

    Bernried am Starnberger See

    Works on paper by Auguste Rodin, in conversation with works by Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Max Kaus, Gustav Klimt, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Mueller, Max Pechstein, and Egon Schiele

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    2014 - Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery, Berlin

    Auguste Rodin in conversation with Larry Clark, Tristram Hillier, Maha Malluh, Nelson Mandela, Henri Matisse, and Akim Monet

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    When I met Sheena Wagstaff (Chairperson of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Metropolitan Museum) and told her what I was doing with Rodin and the Musée Rodin, she smiled and invited me for the inaugural exhibition of the Met Breuer, where to my great joy I discovered that the presentation of three Rodin marbles in conversation with Medardo Rosso, Louise Bourgeois and Bruce Nauman constitute the crux of the exhibition Unfinished: Thoughts left Visible. Here's a link to the excellent catalogue essay by Nicholas Cullinan: Definitely Unfinished Sculpture: Rodin to Nauman.

    2016 - The Met Breuer, New York

    "Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible examines a subject that is critical to artistic practice: the question of when a work of art is finished. Featured artists who explored such an aesthetic include some of history’s greatest practitioners, among them Titian, Rembrandt, Turner, and Cézanne, as well as modern and contemporary artists, including Janine Antoni, Lygia Clark, Jackson Pollock, and Robert Rauschenberg, who have taken the unfinished in entirely new directions, alternately blurring the distinction between making and un-making, extending the boundaries of art into both space and time, and recruiting viewers to complete the objects they had begun.”

    2010 - Musée Rodin, Paris

    "A face-to-face encounter between two outstanding creative artists who were only a generation apart, Henri Matisse and Auguste Rodin. Rodin was the dominant figure in sculpture of the period while Matisse, Rodin's contemporary for the first seventeen years of the 20th century, introduced revolutionary changes in painting."

    2005 - Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt a.M.

    "The juxta­po­si­tion of draw­ings and sculp­tures by Joseph Beuys and Auguste Rodin may at first seem surprising. In fact, however, Beuys created hundreds of works on paper between 1947 and 1964 which reveal formal remi­nis­cences of Auguste Rodin’s late draw­ings and water­colors."