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    Rodin the Alma Project

    A presentation by Akim Monet in partnership with the Musée Rodin Paris

    Rodin the Alma Project is a public-private partnership between the Musée Rodin, Paris and Akim Monet Fine Arts. Its mission is to illustrate the art historical connection between Rodin and the main proponents of Modernism, and to foster a relationship with contemporary art. In addition to presenting works by Rodin that are available for sale, in conversation with works by Modern and Contemporary artists, Rodin the Alma Project invites selected contemporary artists to engage directly in a synergetic process with specific aspects of Rodin's oeuvre, creating a new synthesis of the old and the new.

    “I would like for my works that exist only in plaster to be cast in bronze in order to give my oeuvre a definitive character.“


    Auguste RODIN (1840-1917)

  • Profiles

    People behind Rodin the Alma Project

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    Akim Monet

    CEO, Akim Monet Fine Arts

    Los Angeles - Dallas

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    Amélie Simier

    "Conservateur général"

    Director of the Musée Rodin, Paris

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    Hugues Herpin

    "Responsable du Droit Moral"

    Strategic Affairs Musée Rodin, Paris

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    After a decade in Germany, where Akim Monet founded and operated the renowned Side by Side Gallery Akim Monet GmbH on Berlin’s famed Postdamerstrasse, he moved his practice to the United States in 2018, where through Akim Monet Fine Arts, he continues to develop his focus on thematically curated exhibitions that juxtapose modern and contemporary art.

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    Created in 1916, thanks to Auguste Rodin’s donation of his works and his collections to the French state, the Musée Rodin opened in 1919. This iconic institution recently underwent an extensive renovation and reopened in November 2015.